What is huBhu

huBhu is a place where you come to tell your story. All of us have challenges. And we also have solutions. huBhu is a place where you can share both, help yourself, and help others too.

Let's hubhu

So why is huBhu different? At huBhu

  • Being human is valued over being politically correct
  • You get the top ranked answers first
  • Others can benefit from your life experience

By "being human" we mean:

  • Enough with the "virtue signaling"; let's get real
  • Human vulnerability is often threatening, but channeled correctly, can be your greatest strength
  • Life is too short to avoid our successes due to our shame; let's support one another to reach our greatest potential
  • I feel lonely because I don't have any true friends. What can I do about this?

    Loneliness is more about being disconnected from yourself than about being with others. Once you find who you are in what you love, others will find you.

  • How do I find what I love?

    Discovery has a start and an end, but it is not a prescribed process. The first step is to choose something—anything—that interests you, and to research it deeply and thoroughly. In that mind state, you will start to discover that it is not just what you choose, but how you engage it that matters.

  • I don't feel that there is anything that I can do about my constant worry?

    There are many studies that show that worry can be decreased. Some simple first steps: 1. Observe the worry—don't judge it; 2. Recognize that there are things that you cannot control—let go; 3. "This too shall pass" applies to everything in life.

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